New Year’s marks the end of the holiday season, and the beginning of the new year! After the holidays, most people are just thinking about saving money and paying off credit cards. Spring is when people budget and execute the most major house projects, which is why the new year is the perfect time to start planning out routine home maintenance and fun projects. Call it a new year resolution for the house! There are some projects that are better done after the snow melts, but that doesn’t mean projects can’t be planned for winter too. To get some inspiration, here are the new year’s resolutions for home improvement.

#1 New Paint Job

Contrary to popular belief, winter is the perfect time the paint the inside of the house! Right around the beginning of the year is when the most well-known interior designers decide the color of the year. Last year was millennial pink, and there are rumors that the new color of 2018 will be a bit peachier.

Usually when doing a new paint job, a professional painter will open the windows and ventilate the house to get the paint fumes out. This is why people assume that interior painting shouldn’t be done during the winter because the windows have to be open, which makes the heat escape. While this may make the heat go up a small amount that month, the cold air is actually better for the paint because it doesn’t have a lot of humidity like in the summer. During the summer, painters have a huge problem with opening the windows to let the fumes out because the humidity actually causes bubbles to form under the paint. Save some trouble and get painting done this winter while it’s cold and no one wants to leave the house anyway.


#2 Buy / Make a Rug

Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home, but they can cause the heat to go up in the winter time. Use area rugs as a way to decorate the house and keep it warmer during the winter. This is way cheaper than other projects and can be fun getting matching winter curtains and other Knick knacks. For people who are DIY friendly, there are plenty of tutorials on Pinterest about DIY rugs using rags, towels, scarves, and jeans.

The simplest way to make a fabric area rug is to buy or re-use any type of thick fabric and cross hatch it. After the fabric has been cross hatched, tie the ends to keep it in place! If you have some sewing skills, there are more advanced projects out there too. Here is a tutorial by “A Beautiful Mess” that shows how to make a circle rope rug!

#3 Plan out the Garden / Yard

Get ahead of the rest of the neighborhood and reap the benefits of being known as the people with the best yard. Winter is the perfect time to start thinking about tactics to get the yard green again, turn over garden soil, re-set the bark mulch, touch up the patio, clean up the hedges and flower beds, and research how the next-door neighbor gets their rock waterfall to look so perfect every year.

Right now, landscapers are in a lull (unless they do winter clean-up) which means they have plenty of time to schedule routine work starting in the spring. There are more open spots, which means you’ll get the landscaper to your house before anyone else. Sometimes the landscaper can give good advice on how to best set-up gardens and flower beds too!

#4 Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning

No one ever thinks about during spring cleaning during the winter (maybe because it’s not called winter cleaning). Cleaning and organizing can be done year-round! The winter is the perfect time to move stuff around and go through things that can be given away. For example, any extra blankets, sleeping bags, clothes, jackets, and winter wear can be given to the people who are sleeping outside this winter. The Red Cross will take them!

During the spring, everyone wants to go outside and enjoy the weather not sit inside and clean! Get all that out of the way so cleaning isn’t a priority while the flowers are starting to bud and the sun is shining. Plastic storage organizers and customizable labels are a perfect purchase to execute organizing projects. Check out this awesome organizer by Akro-Mils.

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