As we enter 2018, temperatures will continue to drop and winter will be at its peak of the season. Wrapping up in a warm blanket, watching old movies, and drinking hot cocoa will be on everyone’s to do list this January. Comfort is the theme of the season, and it shows. The hot interior design trends for 2018 will be filled with warmth and coziness. Here is a quick look at design trends for the coming year.


Dark and Reclaimed Wood

 2018 interior design trend - dark and reclaimed wood


Earthy and rustic, reclaimed wood is cost effective and gives a comfortable feel to any home. The past couple years have shown a trend of DIY projects and creating a rustic touch. Decoration ideas that match well with this concept are frames and hangers made from branches, reusing bark for art projects, and building hanging gardens within the home.


Interior designers believe this trend began following the age of technology. Modern technology has brought us farther and farther away from the natural world. As a result, design trends have become focused on bringing nature’s beauty into the home. While reclaimed wood has been a trend for a while, stylists are forecasting a change in this theme moving towards dark wood.


Paint Color Trend Alert for 2018: Peach


 peach is a hot interior design color for 2018


Millennial pink has been wildly popular this year, and Pantone has announced their color of the year for 2018 as Ultra Violet, however interior designers are anticipating a move towards to peach tones to compliment an earth-toned palette coming in 2018. Millennial pink doesn’t quite blend well with the sienna and mahogany tones that designers are expecting to see. Seen in Milan’s Furniture Fair this year, emerald green and watermelon red accents were also seen accompanying earth tones.


Accent Walls: Wallpaper is Here to Stay




The past couple years have observed an increasing trend in an accent wall. Wallpaper is coming back to interior design and providing unique accent walls with a different texture, rather than a different color. For example, all four walls may be burnt sienna, but one wall has leaf shaped textures. This brings the same variety, but with a subtler touch.

Furniture in Interior Design 2018: Comfort as a Priority


 2018 interior design trends include comfortable furniture 


The Milan Furniture Fair this year also debuted furniture designed for comfort. Plush and curved lounge furniture combines style and function. Thicker fabrics were used to provide quality warmth for people hoping to get the most comfort out of their new furniture this year. Furniture color trends for 2018 are going to be filled with brighter earth tones that match dark hardwood and create a little color pop. Interior designers predict dark blues, emerald green, and red-orange hues.


As Good as Gold: Brass Accents in 2018 Interior Design

 brass accents are replacing rose gold for interior design in 2018


Brass is replacing rose gold as the hot metallic for 2018. Brass trimmed decorations and art frames stands out among earth tones without sticking out like a sore thumb. Brass is a perfect tool for giving a rustic vibe to the home while still maintaining a high class look. It’s warm, it’s vintage, and it’s coming into everyone’s homes this year.


Bathroom Themes: Plum, Forest Green, Navy Blue


 bathroom interior design colors in 2018 are plum, forest green, and navy blue

The bathroom is often forgotten when it comes to home updates, but is the easiest to decorate! Buy some matching towels, a rug, and a shower curtain, and the bathroom is already transformed. This year, designers envision a bathroom that compliments the colors of the rest of the home while providing something that stands out. Plum, forest green, and navy blue are going to be the bathroom colors of 2018. These colors are warm, comfortable, and colorful. The perfect trio! After all, everyone loves a warm bath during the cold of winter. Purchase a new set of plush towels, grab a lavender bath bomb, and relax.


Interior Design Brings Color to the Kitchen in 2018


 interior design trends in 2018 add color to the kitchen


The kitchen is often the coldest room in the house. White tiles, cold marble counters, and ceramic sinks are a thing of the past. Interior designers are planning to see more color in the kitchen. This includes bright colors painted on reclaimed barn wood for cabinets, brass knobs and handles, more decorations, and dark wood floors. This doesn’t necessarily bring up the temperature of the room, but the point is to make the kitchen a more comfortable place to be this winter.


To sum it up, the hot interior design trends for 2018 are:

  • Peach walls and decorations
  • Brass accents
  • Plush and comfy furniture
  • Earth tones
  • Wallpaper accents
  • Less tile, more dark hardwood
  • Reclaimed wood for walls, floors, and decor


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